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Fly Away Bluebird

January 14, 2014
John Cannon

I wrote this and we played it at the Star Club in Hamburg during December 1966 to New Year 1967 and never played it after that.

Then last year I decided to record it and was lucky to get my original bass player Thom Caccetta to put his magic touch to it.



Words and Music by John Cannon


Wrapped in a candy colored mist of my mind

people glow like candles then they soon fade and die.

Clouds pass above me and they leave me behind,

float like a feather in the blue painted sky.

Fly Away Bluebird


Mysteries of the heaven stay beneath their black veil

as stars in the darkness leave a Milky Way trail.

Trees all around me like the boundaries of time,

I hear notes of silver from a gold plated chime.

Fly Away Bluebird


Feeling half imprisoned by the world and its ways

part of me seeks happiness in uncharted bays.

Now I realize that the Bluebird’s my mind

searching a feathered cap I know it will find.

Fly Away Bluebird