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New Album

My latest work includes "Songs For Intelligent Beings" These are updated as the sessions progress.  'Sweet Delareaux', 'Hold On'  and 'Seesaw Rider' have just been remixed and are up on the site. 

"Songs Of Old Montgomery" is also available to hear in the Music Section. "Composed of songs written in the early 70's about my home area with one guitar and one voice, just as they were played back then when originally written and performed."

The upcoming Gypsy Wizards Band album, all recorded in 1967-1968 in New York City with Chris Huston producing is now up on the site.

The Grateful Dead song "Till The Morning Comes" is now in the "More Songs" section and there are several stand-alone works including "Molly" with Neil Hartman singing and Wally High's opus to Topanga CA "Highway 27".


New Songs - March 12, 2016

Have added a number of songs (all at the top of the Music Page) over the last few months and continue mixing them while they are already on the website.   When I hear something that could be better, I make it better.

We had a really  successful and enjoyable show at Froggy's in February and I must say our audience was terrific.  It was great to see a number of friends that we hadn't seen for way too long and we promised each other not to let too much time pass before we do it again.

Chris Squire - July 1, 2015

We lost a friend and great musician this past weekend, Chris Squire of Yes.  He was more than a great bass player, he was also a great human being.  If the world had more like him it would be a better planet.

Our blessings go with you Chris.  

SCENES New Album from 1993 - June 22, 2015

Just added "Scenes" an album I finished in 1993.  Got some great players on it including: John Helliwell, Nick South, Mike Mullins, Gary Moss and Monika.

America 21st Century - May 14, 2015

I've been advised that this song is not going to get mainstream radio play due to it's content.  I can live with that.  These are big issues confronting our nation and to hide from them would just prolong the time it takes to deal with them.  I don't see this as Republican or Democratic, just American.

The Huge Show KTSTFM Anaheim - April 24, 2015

Just did "The Huge Show" on KTSTFM Anaheim two weeks ago with Johnny and Benny.  Whole lot of fun and got a chance to talk and share a bit of my history in the music business.  They were nice enough to put a number of my songs on the air and I thank them right now! 

Looking forward to a return visit in a few weeks.  Their show is on Thursday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

I will keep you posted in the calendar section.

You can get the Ap to listen live at: tunein radio 

Mossquitos/Honey Badgers - September 1, 2014

Recently worked again with Gary, Suzanne and Lyn on "Seesaw Rider" and have uploaded it for everyone.

They will be doing a show in the near future at American Legion Post 826 in Woodland Hills CA.  When we have the date it will be in the Calendar Section.

Have also uploaded a new version of "Sweet Delareaux" with the C 130 Hercules sound mixed in with bass by Thom Caccetta. and drums by Ronnie Ciago.

Mossquitos/Honey Badgers Victory - July 26, 2014

Congratulations are in order for my friends “The Mossquitos” and backing vocalists “The Honey Badgers” for their recent victory in the Corporate Battle of The Bands held at Bogie’s.  They were up against a really fine band representing Guitar Center in the final and brought the trophy home.

I was fortunate this week to have Gary, Suzanne and Lyn put some vocal tracks on my song “Hold On” and have updated it on the music section of the website.

The Grateful Dead - Till The Morning Comes - June 6, 2014

I was asked to do a Jerry Garcia song.  Having jammed on many Dead songs through the years, I hadn't recorded one.  My all time favorite is "Till The Morning Comes".  I really love this song.  It took a great deal of time and effort for them to put it together and is among their best studio recordings.  There was no point to copy it verbatim. After all, they are The Grateful Dead and I'm not.  I did want to stay true to the essence of the original recording but added Herb Englehardt on mandolin and the result is suggestive of David Grisman's influence on Jerry's other music.



Malibu Unplugged Moves - April 7, 2014

Malibu Unplugged has moved to The Malibu Inn/Café Escobar.

Still every Thursday, but starting at 7:30 pm.

Seeger the Great - January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger passed away yesterday at the age of 94, a damn good run.  I was fortunate to open for him during one of his "Save the Hudson" concerts when he took the sloop Clearwater up and down the river to bring attention to how it had been abused an polluted.  His effort made a tremendous difference in the river that we can all enjoy today.

He has been and always will be a great inspiration to me and I wish him the best on his journey.

Check out "The America I Love Is Crying".  I believe he would be proud of the work, though sad that it still had to be said.


Bugs Pemberton - November 25, 2013

I am deeply saddened that my friend Bugs Pemberton has passed from his body off into the universe.  We spent a number of years working together, both with Lomax Alliance and after Jackie went with Apple records, as we continued with One, Rain and The Gypsy Wizard Band.  He was always a bright spirit who will live forever to those who knew him. 

Jackie Lomax - September 17, 2013

I am deeply saddened that longtime friend Jackie Lomax passed away Sunday in Liverpool. We had many good times together through the years and he is a part of who I am.
Our blessings go out to all family and friends.

Los Angeles Music Awards - August 14, 2013

Just received a nomination for Album of the Year in the Hot AC Album category for my upcoming album "John Cannon".
This is the 23rd year of the LA Music Awards with a lot of great talent to be seen and heard.
Check it out at:

Herbie G and Johnny White - November 5, 2012

Herbie and I from the Self Righteous Brothers and Sis are also performing as a duo called Herbie G and Johnny White.
Check the calender section for our performance dates.

You Tube - May 30, 2008

Hope I don't come across the wrong way but had to say something political. Please check it out and give me your opinion. Don't worry about the amateur video production, it's the song that counts. Go to: The song is called "The America I Love Is Crying"

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