1. Highway 27

From the recording Herb's Bad-Ass Mando


Highway 27
Words and Music by Wally High

Highway 27 starts in heaven
Rolls on down through a tiny little town, then on down to the sea
The dogs sleep right in the street, the bullfrogs’ll sing you to sleep
You can wade your feet in the creek, it’s alright with me

Highway 27 starts in heaven
Turns and winds past ferns and pines, old road signs remind me I’m getting near there
Coyotes howl at the moon, Cheese-0 don’t open ‘till noon
And every sunny Sunday afternoon you can Will Shakespeare there.

Heaven knows I might not get to heaven
I just might lose my way along the way
So lay me down on Highway 27
‘cause heaven can’t be very far away
No, heaven can’t be very far away

Now the rain falls down from heaven on Highway 27
Fills the streets up to your knees with rocks and trees and dirt
But folks there they don’t care, they ain’t a’ goin’ anywhere
‘cause when they close the roads you don’t have to go to work


Sometimes lightnin’ falls from heaven on Highway 27
And threatens to burn this little town of mine
The folks there they ain’t scared, they got T-Cep, they’re prepared
And God bless the boys down at Fire House 69


So build your country club in east LA
I hear that’s where they need it anyway