I’m often asked what and who were my influences in the early years.  There are many answers, but I must give tribute to several people not the least of which is a band, The Good Times.  When starting out with The Concepts we would go to a club called The Trade Winds.  Only the best out of town bands played there and The Good Times were one of those bands.  They were great and we tried to see them whenever they were in town.  Becoming friends we soon found out they were not only great on stage, but great people as well, always encouraging us to do better and teaching us new things.  I feel that those moments were what gave me the courage and confidence to go on into the music world and eventually have the life I have.  I will be forever grateful. 

Recently I was able to contact Johnny Babb of The Good Times and he sent me a number of songs they recorded in 1965-1966.  As with many of our projects in those days, we seldom got to a final perfect mix, but I want to provide a place where people can hear some of what they did. 

So here are The Good Times: Johnny Babb, Timmy Jones, Dave Kennedy and Bobby Lonie.  Enjoy! 


The Good Times