Water Pipeline - Why Not? by Natureman 

All the attention on the pipeline from Canada to Texas that will inevitably contaminate the Ogallala Aquifer is perhaps misdirected.  Perhaps a better idea would be for us to have pipelines carrying water from aqua rich areas to where it is needed instead. 

Peace Officer - What does it mean? 

The news is filled with stories about the actions of police and their treatment of civilians whom they are charged to protect and serve.

I think what's missing from the conversation is that they are actually "peace officers".  Being a soldier can be a very difficult and intense job and by no means am I slighting the occupation when I say, at least you can shoot anyone who comes over the hill.  

Being a "peace officer" is much more difficult.  You have to hold back that urge to pull your gun.  You have to…

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Deeply saddened 

If you look at my news page, you will see that I was "deeply saddened" twice.  This was not a mistake.  I spent many years of quality time with Jackie and Bugs and nothing will ever change that or diminish my feelings about them as the years go on.  I can only hope that those of you who read this will have someone in your life about which you have that quality relationship.  It hurts to lose them, but it would have hurt more not to have known them.