John was born in San Angelo, Texas, raised in Montgomery, New York and lives in Malibu, California.  His first group was “The Concepts” from Montgomery.  Later working with several bands then joining what became "The Lost Souls" on Bang Records.  From that group, John and Thom Caccetta then formed a band with Jackie Lomax and Bugs Pemberton of Liverpool's "The Undertakers."    Okay, it may sound funny to some, ‘Undertakers and Lost Souls form… Lomax Alliance?’  Okay again, it is at least rather ironic. 

"Yes, we were managed by Brian Epstein, met the Beatles numerous times including a visit to Abbey Road while they were recording Sgt. Pepper. Great times! And, I truly believe we were appreciative of the history and magic of the moment.” 

Lomax Alliance consisted of Jackie Lomax, Bugs Pemberton, John Cannon and Thom Caccetta.  ALL interesting characters unto themselves.  The move from Lost Souls to Lomax Alliance was orchestrated by Deering Howe who said, “I wanted to get you to a good manager.” 

"We first recorded at Columbia studios in New Your City and then upon our move to London, recorded at De Lane Lea Studios (Animals, Donovan, Jimi Hendrix).  We were in good company. 

Touring through England  we played  Manchester University, Nottingham University and countless other venues. In London we played various times at The Marquee, The Speakeasy, The Saville Theater and spent the month of December 1966 at The Star Club in Hamburg.  The opening night was attended by Brian and played quite well in the press.   

Two albums worth of songs were recorded until we split. (a whole story unto itself).  Jackie went with Apple Records and the three of us returned to the States to start a new adventure.  

Columbia released  ‘Hey Taxi’ under the name "ONE.”  We then changed the name to "RAIN" (Music Section-Rain) during the NYC recordings of 67-68 with Chris Huston (Eric Burdon 'Spill Wine'). 

We played the Boston, New York City area before relocating to Los Angeles by way of Denver and The Family Dog.    While making several appearances at The Whisky a Go Go , The Fillmore and Fillmore West in San Francisco as both Rain and The Gypsy Wizards Band, recorded again with Chris Huston.  After that project the band came to an end.  With a bit more backstory I’ve sworn not to tell, there could be a movie here!" 

John continues writing, performing and putting shows together with many great people in the Malibu, Los Angeles and New York areas.  Much of his work is in the Music page and his performances with the new 'John Cannon Band' as well as their recent recording and filming at Center Staging in Burbank are to be seen and appreciated as music from the heart.  Or, in his words "Songs for intelligent beings."